The member-driven organization is focused on addressing challenges faced by CIP Managers. The comprehensive agenda includes multiple roundtables with current topics chosen by the members, industry-leading organization presentations, group panel discussions, and utility member real-life case studies.


Membership in the Water & Wastewater CIP Forum is by invitation only, focused on leaders of innovative, large-sized entities. Membership is limited to provide the member with the best opportunity to develop a true network of peers. The cost of membership is $950 per year.

Benefits of membership in the Forum include:

Complimentary attendance at the annual CIP Forum conference. For two (2) days, Forum members engage in interactive discussion in a small-group setting with presentations exclusively from other members. Because the Forum is invitation-only, members are able to share more openly the “lessons learned” from CIP projects. Please register for the annual CIP Forum below.

The opportunity for a second member of your organization to become a member of the Forum and attend the inaugural CIP Forum Conference also at a cost of $950.

A strong network of peers to call upon throughout the year. Because the water industry is a non-competitive environment, the successes and experiences of members can be, and are, leveraged by other CIP Managers. The CIP Forum members produce a steady stream of calls, emails, and other correspondence throughout the year soliciting and receiving input from their colleagues in other utilities.

Access to materials, surveys, and other documentation. This may include a simple peer-to-peer request for job descriptions to jump-start an organizational redevelopment or a review of CIP Forum survey data on vendors, salary, etc. Forum members are able to obtain a wealth of information that their utility would otherwise have to engage a consultant or commission a special study to obtain


The Water and Wastewater CIP Forum Conference is open to approved members only. You can apply for membership using the link below. Once your membership is approved and payment is processed, you will be directed to register for the conference.


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